Top 20 Mobile Education Apps: iPhone vs. Android

Technology has made it possible to learn from almost anywhere. As a result, there are a number of online degree programs that allow you to learn at your own pace — and on schedule that is convenient to you. You don’t even have to be participating in a distance learning program to reap the benefits of technology for your education. If you are interested in studying on the go, there are plenty of applications that can help you do so, whether you are learning online, or on campus. Mobile educational apps can give you an edge. Here are 20 great mobile education apps, 10 for the iPhone, and 10 for Android phones:


The iPhone revolutionized smart phones, and it can also help you revolutionize your own learning here are 10 great apps to consider for the iPhone:

  1. Dragon Dictation: Keep notes, and dictate messages. This is a great tool to help you keep track of sudden thoughts and ideas, and also to dictate reminders for your course work and assignments. Cost: Free
  2. Evernote: One of the best organizational tools around. Evernote allows you to make notes, take snapshots and even do voice recordings. It can help you organize your study materials, and keep your assignments on track. Cost: Free
  3. TED: If you are looking for interesting talks on a variety of subjects, you can use the TED iphone app. A great educational resource that can help you learn on the go — no matter where you are. A helpful and information iPhone app that offers just what you need if you are looking for information from experts. Cost: Free
  4. Perfect for those who want a quick reference. Useful for looking up word meanings. Also includes a thesaurus, making it even more useful. Cost: Free
  5. Stanza: This ereader is super useful for the mobile student. Stanza offers access to a wealth of books and textbooks. Additionally, you have access to the Lexcycle Online Library. A great way to get information and stay informed. You can also transport articles and books from your desktop to Stanza, making it easier for you to carry your research with you. Cost: Free
  6. iFlashcards Free: If you are looking for a little study help, iFlashcards Free may be just the thing. You can create personalized flashcards and bring them with you. The perfect way to study and make sure you are learning the information that you need. Cost: Free
  7. Read It Later Free: If you are doing online research, you can save what you are reading using this iPhone app. A great way to keep your research accessible. Even if you end up without Internet access later. Cost: Free
  8. Classes – Timetable: Create a class schedule that can help you keep track of where you should be. A helpful scheduling app that can help you organize your day. Shows you where you should be, and even allows you to see when assignments are due. Cost: $0.99
  9. Graphing Calculator: If you want a little help with your math classes, and solving problems, this iPhone app is a great resource. Use Graphing Calculator to help you solve problems — without having to buy an expensive graphing calculator. Cost: $1.99
  10. iStudiez Pro: An amazing tool to help you schedule your courses, assignments and other obligations. Keep track of your life with help from this handy iPhone app. Cost: $2.99


The Android platform is versatile, and works with a number of different types of phones and carriers. If you are looking for educational apps that can give you the edge, no matter where you go, these 10 apps just might be a good choice.

  1. Memory Trainer: Improve your ability to recall information with the Memory Trainer app. A great way to give your brain a good workout that will come in handy when it comes time for tests — or just remembering what you have learned. Cost: Free
  2. Formulas Lite: If you are doing math, physics or chemistry, this app can be quite helpful. A great references that also serves as a scientific calculator. Easy to use, and helps you find formulas for various situations. Cost: Free
  3. Document Scanner: You can actually scan documents. As you do research, you can keep images of what you find. A great way to gather information and store it for later use in school assignments and projects. Cost: $2.98
  4. Nook for Android: Get this ereader for use on your Android. A great way to access books, textbooks, articles and more. A great resource for when you are doing research. Cost: Free
  5. LSAT Assassin: Are you preparing for a career in law? If so, this great educational app can help you study no matter where you are. Use this app to improve your LSAT performance — without books. Cost: $14.99
  6. Evernote: As there is for the iPhone, there is also Evernote for Android. This is a great help if you want to organize your assignment schedules. Get everything in sync. Cost: Free
  7. myPocketProf: Organize your course notes and assignment due dates with this helpful Android app. You can store web sites as part of your notes, helping you organize assignments and research quickly and easily. Cost: Free
  8. StatDist: If you are interested in statistics, this is a great app for you. Calculates a number of possibilities and even helps with discrete distributions. This valuable tool makes a great reference, and can help you quickly calculate what you need. Cost: Free
  9. Pocket Knowledge: This powerful Android offers just what you might expect — knowledge. Makes use of the powerful Wolfram Alpha to help you find information on any number of topics, including math, chemistry, and physics. You can also find information about sports, weather and nutrition. Ask it a question, and get the answer quick. You can save the information for further reference. Cost: $1.50
  10. Voice Recorder: Make notes with your voice. Create notes that can be used for future reference, and that contain your insight into your assignments. You can also record lectures, or other items. It’s a great way to keep track of your thoughts, and make sure that your ideas aren’t forgotten. Cost: Free
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