Top 50 Library Websites Worth Bookmarking from Around the World

Technology has made it possible to increase the amount of information you have access to. When pursuing a Masters degree, this can be especially helpful. Whether you are studying on a campus, or getting a Masters degree online, it is possible for you to do research and find credible and legitimate resources online. Some of the best places to start are library web sites. You can find resources of interest, as well as information on preparing your work for submission.

All over the world, libraries are embracing technology, and their collections are becoming increasingly accessible. If you are interested in learning what is available, here are 50 library websites worth bookmarking:

North America

Library of CongressFind great library websites from the United States, Canada and Mexico. Some great libraries, with access to great information.

  1. Library of Congress: It’s no surprise that the U.S. Library of Congress represents one of the best library websites out there.
  2. Ann Arbor District Library: This library in Michigan has won awards for its attractive and informative website, which is available in several languages.
  3. New York Public Library: Get access to the different events, classes and resources offered by this large and beautiful library.
  4. San Francisco Public Library: Great site with information on collections, events and special exhibits.
  5. Whistler Public Library: This library in Whistler, British Columbia, offers a look at what is available, an offers helpful hints on doing homework and using the library for research.
  6. Toronto Public Library: Access to resources and events. You can also find resources in French.
  7. Vancouver Public Library: Enjoy the “Ask a Librarian” feature, and find a number of interesting resources.
  8. National Archives and Library of Quebec: Even though the site is mainly in French, you can also access it in English. Includes information on cultural activities, resources and more.
  9. Biblioteca Vasconcelos: Known for its architecture, this library also has a good website. But it helps to know Spanish — or have translation software.
  10. The National Library of Mexico: Another Spanish language website, this library offers a number of interesting resources.

Caribbean, South America and Central America

Look at library websites from south of Mexico. Plenty of solid information.

  1. National Library of Costa Rica: The Miguel Obregón Lizano library is the national library of Costa Rica. You can have the page translated, or read it in Spanish.
  2. National Library of Cuba: Biblioteca Nacional José Martí offers news, discussion forums and more.
  3. National Library of Guatemala: Includes video, galleries and more.
  4. National Health Library: The Biblioteca Nacional de Salud in Nicaragua offers access to health materials and information.
  5. National Library of Brazil: This cool website offers access to the catalog, images and more.
  6. National Institute of Musicology “Carlos Vega”: Library in Argentina devoted mainly to music and the study of music.
  7. Aruba National Library: Plenty of links and interesting information.
  8. National Library of Jamaica: Living history information, and more, all in English.


Victoria and Albert MuseumLibraries dating from the Middle Ages can be found across Europe. Here are some of the sites you can visit to learn more.

  1. National Art Library: Offers a look at art and exhibitions from this United Kingdom library.
  2. Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru: The National Library of Wales offers a library website that provides a number of resources while preserving cultural heritage. No, you don’t have to read it in Welsh; an English version is offered as well.
  3. Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana: Choose Italian or English, and read about what’s happening at the Vatican library, and get access to online catalogs.
  4. Austrian National Library: Get access to collections, catalogs and more. There is an English version of the library, but the German version offers more.
  5. National and University Library of Iceland: A number of great resources for students and researchers. Comes in a several languages, including English.
  6. Royal Library: Located in the Netherlands, this library website offers an attractive way to access some of its resources. In Dutch, but also available in English.
  7. National Library of Russia: The website of this library, located in St. Petersburg, offers a look at collections and catalogs, as well as special exhibitions. Available in Russian and English.
  8. Biblioteca de Catalunya: Access the library website of this interesting and culturally unique area of Spain. It helps to know Catalan, or to use the Google Toolbar to translate.
  9. National Library of Luxembourg: Have the page translated from French into English, and you can access a number of neat features.
  10. National Library of Scotland: See different displays and access different projects.
  11. Royal Library of Belgium: Great web site in French and Dutch. See interesting manuscripts and explore special collections.


National Library of ChinaSome of the world’s oldest civilizations are from Asia. You can find treasure troves of ancient and modern culture in Asian libraries. (Includes some libraries in the Middle East.)

  1. National Library of China: Includes a digital library and electronic resources. Also available in English.
  2. National Science Library: This library in India offers an interesting resource with access to different references. In English.
  3. National Library of India: In English, this web site includes a number of digitized books as well as other features.
  4. Iraqi National Library and Archives: Rendered in beautiful Arabic, this site offers a number of resources. There is an English version, but it is not updated as the Arabic version is.
  5. Jewish National and University Library: See ancient maps and learn about Jewish history and treasures on this English language site.
  6. National Diet Library: This library in Japan offers a look at Japanese events and law, as well as providing a searchable electronic library. It’s comparable to the Library of Congress.
  7. National Library of Korea: If you know Korean, you can take advantage of this site to its fullest. However, there are versions in English, German, French, Spanish and more.
  8. Baakleen National Library: Learn more about Lebanon, and get access to a number of resources on this website, which is available in English and Arabic.
  9. National Library Board: Access to Singapore library resources.
  10. National Library and Archives of Bhutan: Access the Himalayas from your own home.


AfricaSome of the oldest and best libraries in the world (think: Alexandria, Egypt) have been located in Africa.

  1. Egyptian National Agricultural Library: Get information about agriculture in Egypt using this English language site.
  2. National Library of Uganda: Access the cultural heritage of this interesting country.
  3. National Library of South Africa: Exhibitions, as well as access to the inter-lending system for South African libraries.
  4. National Library of Ethiopia: Includes interesting information, heritage and notes on interesting collections.
  5. National Library of Algeria: French? Or Arabic? Either way, there is plenty offered on this site, including lectures, collections and more. You can always use the Google Toolbar to translate.
  6. National Library of Namibia: Access catalogs and choose different document delivery methods.

Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific

National Library of AustraliaInteresting cultures and libraries can be found even in places we often consider remote.

  1. National Library of Australia: Explore digital collections, Australian history and more.
  2. State Library of New South Wales: Information, interactive features and more.
  3. National Library of New Zealand: Interactive features on the site, as well as research guides.
  4. Christchurch City Libraries: Stay up to date on different publications, and find fun activities for teens and kids.
  5. Marshall Islands Environment Library: Learn more about the environment, and get country profiles.
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